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"Nobody" is a song that explores the feelings of isolation and loneliness that as human beings, we all experience from time to time.

These emotions are exacerbated when we choose to keep them bottled inside instead of opening up and speaking out. Without the support from our community and our friends and family, we are left with the infinite looping of these thoughts and beliefs about ourselves in our mind. This often leads to a negative self image and manifests as a lack of self worth. However, if we allow ourselves to verbalize and express what we are feeling inside, we find that we are better able to understand and work through them.

“Nobody” is essentially a song about the feelings of not being heard or understood. We often tend to compare ourselves to others and then judge ourselves for not being enough. The truth is that we are all the same, we are all equal and therefore we are all “Nobody” in the eyes of some, so why not instead try to make it the opposite and consider everyone as ''Somebody?"

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Little story of a song here...

In April of 2019
, I traveled to Vermont to surprise my boyfriend, Tim (Who is also a singer songwriter, is project is Moon Hollow), while he was playing a show as part of a 10 day tour.

Leaving from Montréal, I drove for five hours in freezing rain and sleet and was basically hydroplaning the whole way.
When I finally arrived at the venue, I discovered that the tires on my 2004 Subaru were almost completely bald.

The surprise and joy on my boyfriend’s face alone were worth the frightening drive but now I was stuck in Vermont until I could acquire new tires.
So, while Tim left for Kentucky to finish the tour with The Stinky Boots String Band,
I stayed alone at his home in the woods of southern Vermont for a few days while I waited for the tire appointment.

One night, whilst eating a pizza, missing Tim and fearing the unknown creatures of the woods,
I came up with this little song to put my mind at ease.
I call it, “Pizza For One.”

I hope you enjoy it!